The Village

where transparency meets transcendence


Why The Village ?

Ultimately, the church is the body of Christ. It's people. But it's people with a purpose. People with a mission. 

And what is that mission? The people of God as the body of Christ have two primary purposes:

                    1) to bring glory to God

                    2) by inviting others back into a relationship with God

So, The Village, because the church is inviting people into community with God and with each other in all that it does! Whether worshiping God is song, serving a meal in a homeless shelter, sharing coffee with a friend, or suffering alongside a friend or loved one, every action and effort of the people of God is driven by the desire to draw closer to God and invite others to join in.

We welcome you to connect with us at The Village

An ECO Church | A Community Church

For many in Cañon City, the United States and the World 'church' has become synonymous with 'institution'. However, that is not how God intended it. Church is a gathering. As a matter of fact, the term used for church in the Bible - ecclesia - means assembly or gathering. It is about people! In ECO and TVCC we desire to reclaim the meaning of 'church' and focus on God's original intention for His creation... relationships. We were created to have a relationship with God. As our connection with God grows deeper and more intimate, so do all other connections.

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