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New Beginnings

January 25, 2017

We're just getting started and this journey promises to be exciting, challenging and rewarding. Approximately 60% of Cañon City residents don't currently attend any church and aren't involved in any known pursuit of God. (http://www.city-data.com/city/Canon-City-Colorado.html) We exist to be part of bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to those in Cañon City and its surrounding areas who are not familiar with the message of Christ or have become disenchanted with it for some reason or another. Many think of 'church' as an institution, but God has always intended mankind to be in relationship with him. It's not about rules, but a relationship. It's not about an corporation, but a connection. Our hope is to first connect people to Jesus, then connect them to his body, the church. You're welcome to join us in this quest!

Fremont Center for the Arts: Deck Project

July 18, 2017

I'm so excited that we're building relationships within the Cañon City community! One such relationship is the Fremont Center for the Arts in the heart of Cañon City. Nan Sullivan is a great Director and has been wonderful to work with!

Here how it's happened... Our oldest son, Roman, participated in a school art show at the end of May, and I noticed what a wonderful building it is. I told Nan what we were doing, and she and I considered the possibility of The Village meeting there at some point. As I toured the space in the coming week, I noticed that the deck on the West side of the property was in disrepair. Because part of our mission at The Village is to work with and within the community, I asked Nan if we could help by refurbishing the deck. She gladly accepted the offer and took it before the Board the next week. The Board was not only happy for our assistance, but offered us a free place to meet in return! John Stiehl took measurements of the space and quickly drew up plans for renovations. We have since been checking with local suppliers for best prices on supplies and finally obtained a great deal with Home Depot just this past Wednesday (July 12th). Supplies were delivered just a few days later by Jon Hed, myself and several willing recruits (Rich and Cowboy). We are scheduled to build the deck on August 12, 2017!!! What an exciting opportunity!